05 December 2012

Art + Science = Super Cool

Today it seems to me to be pretty rare to find a successful scientist incorporating their knowledge or love of their particular slice of biology into more artistic endeavors.  One scientist who you can’t say this about is David Maddison.  The advance access of Systematic Biology has a poem that he wrote several years ago Tree of Life.  It’s open access and I encourage people to go check it out.  Super cool!  If you go to David’s website you’ll find that he brings his artistic and scientific interests together in the form of some amazing beetle illustrations as well.
As long as we are doing a post on the arts, in case you haven’t already listened to him let me recommend the evolution record by Baba Brinkman (its on spotify).   The record is the product of a NESCent program that brings artists together with scientists and allows for cross-fertilization that might never happen otherwise.   The record is well worth a listen and its just super cool to hear some rap from Origins and sample Richard Dawkins.


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