18 October 2010

An Inordinate Fondness

The creator of An Inordinate Fondness, Ted MacRae at Beetles in the Bush is hosting AIF this month. He has combed the web and found some great posts on Coleoptera. My favorites for this month are:

1. What's Bugging You: Make sure that you checkout Arthur Evans post this month on Chrysina. Even if you are weird and don't like beetles you have to love these guys. Plus Evans tells a great story giving us his history with these jewels and the history of their discovery.

2. Arizona: Beetles Bugs Birds and more: Margarethe Brummermann's post on the Euphoria species of Arizona will make any beetle collector long for a trip to Arizona. She even includes enough info to point you in the right direction to finding these guys

3. Myrmecos: Alex Wild, anytime he points his camera at a beetle it is worth taking note. This month he took some amazing pictures of Aethina tumida a hive beetle.

Enjoy all the great beetle posts this month!